Transforming Skin – Beyond Skincare

Three different ways to find your perfect match…

At Azul Skin Health, our philosophy is to use proven active ingredients at appropriate concentrations in order to maximize benefit in skin transformation. These proven entities are supported with additions of botanicals and other novel ingredients to provide products that truly deliver. Some of Azul’s most popular products include the Anti Aging System, Growth Factor Renewal Cream, Satin Eclipse, & Botanical Cleanser with Green Tea.

Azul Medical provides all the tools needed to restore skin health and beauty with a focus on the transformation of the skin.

The Azul Blue Diamond line contains the highest quality and most innovative cosmeceutical ingredients for home care use.

Azul For Body is a collection of products designed with corrective ingredients to take body care to the next level.

Smart Beauty Driven by Science & Research

So many companies spend more resources on advertising than on science or research, and I really feel that the quality of the products ends up suffering for it. Factory-style production gives you factory-style results. Here at Trilogy, on the other hand, we develop small batches of scientifically advanced formulations, created with the highest quality ingredients, that we can even further customize to meet the specific needs of our clients.