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Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog Features Our Crepe Doctor Lotion

Our Crepe Doctor Lotion is a targeted moisturizer that provides immediate visible results to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crepey skin on the neck, decolletage, upper arms, knees, hands and anywhere else where aging and dryness may be creeping in. Read Carla’s blog to learn about how Crepe Doctor transformed her skin. If… Read More »

Crepe Doctor Lotion – the Fix for Crepey Skin

Our skin doesn’t stop at our décolleté. And as more people define their skincare routine as a “whole-body experience”, beauty products focusing on body care have been increasingly branching into new categories popularized by the facial skincare industry. Body polishes, moisturizers, serums, oils, and masks are manufactured with more active ingredients as people desire the… Read More »

The Solution for Maskne – HydraFacials!

Who doesn’t want clear, smooth, beautiful skin? You’re probably used to the various environmental factors that can negatively affect your skin, but now there’s an additional issue to deal with–masks. Constant mask-wearing wreaks havoc on our skin and causes irritation, dryness, and acne, or “maskne” as we like to call it. Wearing a mask traps… Read More »

Shower Your Body with Luxury!

Turn your skin from drab to fab with our luxuriously hydrating body products! We’ve recently added two new products to our body care line that you’re going to want to make a staple in your beauty regimen. If you’ve never thought about adding a shower oil or body butter scrub to your skincare routine, now… Read More »

Get Glowing, Moisturized Skin with our New Body Products!

Aside from sun protection, moisturizers and moisturizing body products are arguably the most important element of any skincare regimen. Body butters, oils, and lotions are some of the best ways to hydrate and nourish your skin, and our Whipped Body Butter and Revitalizing Body Oil will beautifully fit the bill! Both of these products are… Read More »

Turn Back Time with Our Timeless Face Oil

Let’s face it – oils are taking over the skincare industry and with good reason! Typically, when you hear the words “oil” and “skin” in the same sentence, it’s a recipe for disaster. But incorporating a face oil into your skincare regimen is actually one of the best things you can do for your skin.… Read More »

Face It – Your Body Needs a Skin Care Routine Too!

We all understand the importance of a good skincare regimen! You’ve got your morning and nighttime routine down pat, but did you know it’s just as necessary to get into a body skincare regimen too? We certainly understand why you would make your face a priority – since everyone sees it –  but body care… Read More »

Get Glowing with Our New Radiance Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are taking over the beauty industry and with good reason! Rather than using your everyday soaps and face washes that can strip your skin of its natural oils, an oil cleanser is a much more gentle and moisturizing alternative. Cleansing oils, just like our newly formulated radiance cleansing oil which we will dive… Read More »

Anti-Aging begins with A, Vita A that is.

We all know that aging is a part of life and although we can’t control getting older, we can control how we take care of our skin to prevent any signs of premature aging. The best first step to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reversing the damaging effects of the sun, and stimulating collagen and… Read More »