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Our Crepe Doctor Lotion is a targeted moisturizer that provides immediate visible results to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crepey skin on the neck, decolletage, upper arms, knees, hands and anywhere else where aging and dryness may be creeping in. Read Carla’s blog to learn about how Crepe Doctor transformed her skin.

If you have thin and finely wrinkled skin on your décolletage, upper arms, knees, or hands, this is what is referred to as crepey skin. Crepey skin is most often associated with photoaging (though for hands, it can indicate harsh washing) and excessive weight loss. I’ve been using Azul Skin Health Crepe Doctor. Scroll down to see my review and how I’m using it to help stave off crepey skin.

I tapped Brandy Searcy, pharmaceutical formulation development scientist and self-proclaimed health geek to help understand what causes crepey skin and how to treat or prevent it. For 12+ years, she’s been developing all-in-one products for a simple skincare routine and started Rain Organica started in 2020.

Searcy says Crepey skin is due to 2 primary reasons:

1)  Damage to the collagen and elastin (structural components) of the dermal skin layer

2) Repeated stripping of skin’s natural oils and fats, which are necessary for the integrity of the cellular membrane and also the extracellular spaces between skin cells.  Ceramides and other fat soluble molecules are necessary to bind water within the skin, so when these are continually stripped day in and day out, the skin struggles to retain adequate moisture levels resulting in crepey skin.

Read the full article here: https://www.poshbeautyblog.com/skincare/2021/6/30/how-to-healnbspcrepeynbspskin-azul-skin-health-crepe-doctor-review 

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