Posts From August, 2018

Our Hero Anti-Aging Product: Azul Intensive Renewal Serum

Have you been holding out for a skincare hero? A product that, unbelievably, actually does what it says on the packaging? A product that goes beyond your expectations, delivering unparalleled skincare that complements all of the other products you have? Well, you’ve found it with the Azul Intensive Renewal Serum, a product that’s so much… Read More »

Going Back to School with Clear Skin

Uh, what happened to summer? Thanks for stopping by, that was a fun… minute. How is it August already?!? The summer break never feels long enough, does it? Sigh. But before you know it, it’s back to the early-morning classes and the late-night cramming, to Friday evening games and Saturday evening shindigs. Meeting with your… Read More »