DermaBright HQ Serum Brings on Skin Lightening like Lightning!

In Florida, we can always count on two things: sunshine and thunderstorms.

Tourists to Florida are often stunned at how fast a bright and sunny day can turn into rain and thunder, and then quickly turn back to sun again. That said, the sun is always around long enough to cause skin damage, especially if you live here. Native Floridians know the importance of wearing excellent sunscreen when they go outside, as otherwise, they would be risking burns and other kinds of sun damage. With enough exposure, you can end up with hyperpigmentation with darkened skin spots and redness. But don’t worry, because we have an Azul SkinHealth solution that will help turn things around just as fast as the thunder and lightning storms can roll in: DermaBright HQ Serum.

DermaBright HQ Serum

There are a ton of skin lightening creams and serums out there, but you won’t find one quite like our DermaBright HQ Serum.

Sunspots and the related darkening of the skin are caused by a buildup of melanin. This is the pigment that gives skin its color and it’s produced through exposure to sunlight. When there is too much melanin in your skin, you can end with orange-ish or brownish skin spots. The first ingredient in DermaBright HQ Serum tackles this problem head on. Hydroquinone 2% is not only one of the most effective skin lightening ingredients out today, it also inhibits melanin production. This can help stop darkening skin before it even happens!

Another powerful skin lightener/melanin inhibitor in the DermaBright HQ Serum is the aptly named Brightenyl. It works by blocking the melanogenesis process at several levels while also protecting the skin and preventing inflammation. It’s four times more potent than vitamin C, and sixty times more efficient than kojic acid. This is one of the ingredients that makes the DermaBright HQ Serum so fast-acting, as it can give you skin lightening results in just twenty-eight days. In fact, Brightenyl has recently been named the ingredient of the year in cosmetic circles!

Other skin lighteners in this serum include L-ascorbic, kojic acid and azelaic acid, but it doesn’t stop there. We also include a number of exfoliators to help remove any skin dullness or pollution. These ingredients include L-lactic acid and the well-known salicylic acid. So not only are you going to get amazing skin lightening, you are also going to get healthy, beautiful looking skin as well!

Using the serum is easy. You simply apply a small amount of it to the darkened skin areas you wish to treat, once or twice daily. That’s it! Soon, you should see a massive improvement in your skin color and texture. You will look healthier and more youthful than ever! If you don’t see any improvement after six weeks, you should discontinue use. Regardless of results, you should limit your daily use of the serum to three months. The serum is perfect for any skin type that needs a lightening of pigment because of environmentally damaged skin.

Just a few words of warning. One of the reasons that the DermaBright HQ Serum is so powerful is because, boy, there are some powerful ingredients in there! They can make your skin a bit more sensitive to the sun, so it is absolutely imperative that you wear sunscreen on a daily basis or protective clothing to block it completely. This will not only protect your skin, it will also prevent further skin darkening and melanin production.

The DermaBright HQ Serum is just one of the many fantastic skincare products that we offer from Azul SkinHealth. When paired with one of our advanced sunblocks, this treatment can help prevent the development of sun and age spots in the future. If you are looking for some customized skincare along with the Azul SkinHealth products, you should check out some of the treatments that we offer in our Medical Spa. We also offer surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to help jumpstart your results and help you achieve a harmonious rejuvenation. If you’d like to book an appointment, or a free consultation with Dr. Flaharty, please call us at (239) 747-1148, or visit our website at for more information.

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