Posts From October, 2018

The Real Power of Skin-Penetrating HAs in Your Cosmetic Products

As a skincare specialist, one of the things that drive me nuts about most cosmetic products on store shelves is the jargon. Often, the marketing department of cosmetic companies slaps technical words on the side of boxes in hopes that people will be impressed and buy them. And, truth be told, this often works, resulting… Read More »

Learning to Love Your 10X Mirror

After smearing mascara and giving up on eyeliner, I finally bought a fabulous 10X magnification mirror. Not just any 10X mirror, a high-quality mirror with circular lighting on a beautiful brushed nickel stand. Fully prepared to apply flawless mascara and eyeliner, I sat down fresh-faced with my 10X mirror. Then came the tears. . .… Read More »