Posts From July, 2021

Crepey Skin? You’re not alone.

Wrinkles are ruthless.  They can materialize on any part of the body as we increase in age.  We refer to them as “crow’s feet” when they appear around the outer eye, or as “fine lines” around the mouth.  “Bunny lines”, “marionette lines”, or even “11’s” are a few more funny names that are used to… Read More »

Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog Features Our Crepe Doctor Lotion

Our Crepe Doctor Lotion is a targeted moisturizer that provides immediate visible results to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crepey skin on the neck, decolletage, upper arms, knees, hands and anywhere else where aging and dryness may be creeping in. Read Carla’s blog to learn about how Crepe Doctor transformed her skin. If… Read More »