Facial Roller



This professional grade dual-sided jade facial roller helps to improve skin elasticity. Use the roller with gentle pressure to promote blood circulation, reduce puffiness, and boost collagen production. Can be used with any of your favorite Azul products. Read our blog here for more information on Jade Facial Rollers https://www.trilogylaboratories.com/make-your-skin-feel-royal-with-a-jade-facial-roller/





The Jade Roller is the perfect product to weave into professionally performed facials with clients or simply to integrate into your own skin care regimen. Experts recommend that you use the large side and work your Jade Roller from the center of your face outwards, ensuring that you are rolling in an upward, not downward trajectory. Apply gentle but firm pressure to the face – never to the point of pain. Using this nose-outward and upward technique, you can maneuver your Jade Roller in circular patterns around the face. Following those guidelines helps promote healthy lymphatic flow and vibrant beautiful skin. The large roller can also be used for the forehead, chin and neck areas. The small end of the roller is perfect for smaller areas like lips and under eyes.  Move the roller gently from inner to outer areas.