Are Soap And Cleanser The Same?

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Coke or Pepsi? Football or Soccer? Where are you on Soap or Cleanser?

When it comes to cleaning your skin, it’s a viable question. Most of us grew up using “soap” for bodies and our faces. Some of us even used anti-microbial soaps for adolescent acne. So what’s the scoop on soap vs. cleanser in the modern era? Are they the same?

After talking with our Estheticians at Azul Medical Spa, the universal answer if “Cleanser is what you want to use– absolutely”. And once you know the reasons, it makes sense.

Why to choose a cleanser over soap

  1. Skin over the age of 18 needs loving care and basic soap just won’t do it, it’s basically just too harsh. Cleansers like Azul’s Rejuva Gel or Botanical Cleanser with Green Tea are specially formulated to lift dirt, environmental debris, and dead cells from your skin. But their formulations are gentle and don’t strip your skin of its essential oils. When using a well-formulated cleanser your skin should feel clean, soft and pliant – never tight, dry or irritated.
  2. Scents and stabilizers are often added to soaps, whereas cleansers are either very lightly scented or completely unscented. By minimizing scents and removing parabens, cleansers focus on cleansing your skin without adding ingredients that may irritate. You’ll find our Botanical Cleanser with Green Tea to have a pleasing green apple scent and our Gentle Cream Cleanser to have a light satin scent.
  3. Keep in mind that there are bar soaps out there that are good for your skin. For example, Azul has two par cleansers that are fantastic. Our Clear Skin Bar is a proprietary combination of ingredients that help troubled skin- from eczema to acne, this bar clears and soothes- with a signature licorice scent. Our Gentle Bar is absolutely the gentlest cleanser we carry- and we prescribe it for our laser patients who need extra care. This is a glycerin based, mild cleanser with no scent.
  4. You can actually use less moisturizer when your skin has not been stripped of essential oils. The Azul SkinHealth line offers moisturizers at both ends of the spectrum, with Timeless Moisture and Moisture Intensive Serum as the richest and Green Tea Moisturizer as the very lightest. Your skin is at its most healthy when you maintain your own natural essential oils and supplement only what is necessary with a moisturizer. Over-stripping, just to turn around and over-saturate does no one any good.

So, we seem to have answered the question of Soap vs. Cleanser with smart, logical information. Just keep in mind you may use a cleansing bar that’s formulated specifically for the face… it’s not the same as general bar soap from the grocery store.

Complimentary Skin Consultation

Please allow one of our wonderful estheticians to provide you with a complimentary consult to get you started with a simple cleanser and the right moisturizer for you. Give your skin the chance it needs to be healthy, glowing, resilient and looking as wonderful as possible. We look forward to seeing you for your complimentary consult – 239-415-7576 or visit for more information.

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