My Eyes are Up Here! Improving the Neck and Décolleté

Azul Skin Health

Anti-aging treatments are often focused on the face. Due to the heavy emphasis on facial treatment, the neck and décolleté areas often become neglected. The sun damage and imperfections of these areas then become more apparent compared to the more-fresh and treated face. The skin on the neck and décolleté is very thin, making it more-easily damaged.

Proper sunscreen and UV protection is a must for prevention! The Azul Skin Health line has very effective UV blocking sunscreens as well as mineral based makeup with SPF. Our Ultra Natural Sunscreen has an SPF of 30 and is gentle enough to be used on all skin types while still offering exceptional anti-aging sun protection. Even in cloudy weather these rays will still do their damage, don’t skip the SPF. If you feel the sun damage is already done, here at Azul we offer many different treatments to break up the hyperpigmentation and bring back the baby soft texture your skin once had. We offer different light/laser-based therapies such as BBL, or Broad Band Light, as well as the HALO fractionally ablative laser. Both when combined can give an even more dramatic and effective result as well, with very minimal downtime.

“Sleep Wrinkles” are a thing and can show on your chest! If you are a side-sleeper do your best to drift off to sleep while on your back. This will reduce the wrinkling and sagging effect that curling up on your side can have. Before bed it is important to wash the debris of the day away, and cleanse properly. Our neck and chest can acquire dirt and other particles that don’t belong, make sure to have a good scrub to end and start the day. Our Rejuva Cleanser contains 10% glycolic acid to gently remove dead skin cells as well as any build up from the day to day. We have a gel version of this cleanser for skin that is normal to oily as well as a cream version for more mature or dry skin. This is a staple cleanser for any anti-aging regimen.

Regular body lotion isn’t going to cut it. Most daily body lotions are insufficient in active ingredients that would treat or delay signs of aging. Neck and décolleté specific products are a must to get the desired results since these have the ingredients that are effective in the proper concentration. If you are buying area specific products why not treat and tone at the same time? Azul Skin Health has a Neck and Décolleté Sculpting Complex that firms, lifts, plumps, and sculpts all at once!

Show your neck and chest some love, and it will show it back to you! Prevention is of major importance, but all is not lost if damage has been done.

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