Neck & Décolleté Sculpting Cream

We’re all committed to caring for our faces, but for some reason we tend to neglect the neck and décolletage. This area — from the chin to the chest — is very delicate, and one of the first places we see signs of aging.  We recently heard an Azul patient say that she saw her reflection when she was looking down into her phone and was mortified at the appearance of her neck!  Well, they don’t call it “Tech Neck” for nothing!  Fashion magazines are reporting that constantly looking into our phones is causing creases and changes in women even as early as in their 20’s. The editor was calling for neck creams all around – for everybody from the 20’s to the 80’s!

Prevent and Maintain

We at Azul realize this aging neck phenomenon as much as anybody. In fact, it’s the neck that brings many a patient through our doors. While we are first to admit that products cannot do what a surgical neck lift, InstaLift or Ultherapy can do, prevention is critical for this, most delicate area. Our Neck and Décolleté cream is wildly popular with those who have not taken the plunge with a procedural solution, as well as those wishing to maintain the investment made in a beautiful, youthful neck and chest.

The skin of the neck is thinner and more sensitive compared to other parts of the body. Combine that with loss of collagen, gravity and the craning incessantly over smartphones and it’s an area uniquely at risk for lines and sagging.

Actives That Work

Our Neck and Dec cream (as we call it for short) combines luscious natural oils and compounds like Olive Fruit Oil and Sweet Almond Oil with five incredibly potent biotech ingredients (peptides and plant extracts) to provide both immediate tightening and long-term firming sculpting. You can see from the list below that our Neck & Dec cream is packed with actives to give you results –


  • helps to plump, lift and sculpt skin that has thinned and sagged over time
  • reduces the appearance of thinned skin, wrinkles and creases


  • forms a strong, bonded network with skin proteins creating an immediate tightening effect
  • smooth, freshness that sculpts and lifts weakened, sagging skin

Adifyline™ and Adipofill’in™

  • increases lipid cells by up to 61%
  • supports plumping of thinning skin


  • powerful plant Stem Cell that firm skin with anti-inflammatory and sculpting properties;
  • helps to prevent collagen loss
  • reduces fine lines, stretch marks, redness from Rosacea and can even work on cellulite
  • increases healthy, smooth, firm, vibrant-looking skin in as little as three weeks

Share The Love

We hope you see how important it is to “share the love” with you neck and chest – don’t stop at your chin when it comes to skincare. Learn more about our this and all entire Azul SkinHealth line at our “Skin to Live In” event on April 11th in our Fort Myers office from 12pm – 5pm.  Call 239.415.7576 to RSVP and visit our office or to see our full line.

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