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Before And After Hair Loss Treatment

Did You Know?

The average person loses about 70 to 100 strands of hair every 24 hours.  This hair is shed throughout the day and is replaced with new growth with the event going largely unnoticed…until, it does not.

Even though this process of loss and growth is natural, it can become disconcerting when hair becomes recognizably thinner and more brittle leading to the early signs of balding.  65% of men and 50-75% of women suffer noticeable hair loss by the age of 65.

 Stimulating Lush Locks

This situations begs the question if anything can truly be done to stimulate the follicles and encourage a faster rate of hair growth.  The good news is that there are some remedies, both old and new, that actually produce visible results helping to restore volume and flexibility to hair!

The traditional hair loss remedy of massaging your scalp is definitely worthy of working into your hair care routine.  Massage can stimulate and stretch the hair follicle cells resulting in thicker strands of hair.  This manual manipulation will also increase circulation bringing vital blood and nutrient flow to the follicles.  Even brushing hair on a daily basis with a naturally bristled brush can help your hair grow with the flow.

Another way to maintain your tresses is to regularly apply Azul Skin Health’s Restoring Hair Serum.  Halt hair loss and restore lushness with this technologically advanced blend of science and nature.  Three key ingredients are backed by clinical studies and demonstrate a marked increase in hair retention and volume:

  • Capixyl™ – a combination of Peptide and Red Clover, targets the main cause of hair loss with improvements to the hair follicle in just 8 days of treatment.
  • Redensyl® –combines Larch and Green Tea extracts with an Amino Acid and Zinc producing a 214% increase in the hair growth rate after 10 days of treatment. Dense, strong hairs lead to fullness and strength – naturally!
  • BIO-Placenta Hair – A blend of ingredients including growth factors and Eucalyptus improves the condition of the scalp. Follicles expand, new blood vessels are formed, and hair cells proliferate supporting hair retention and regrowth.  A healthy scalp leads to lush, strong hair!

The combination of these three proven technologically advanced actives makes this serum unique, delivering visible results.  Gain control of your crowning glory and help your head’s hair flourish with Azul Skin Health’s Restoring Hair Serum.

This month at Azul receive a free Hair Serum with a hair restoration procedure.

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