Routines and Regimens – Is Skincare Too Much Work?

Skin Care Products Fort Myers FLArticles everywhere on skincare mention routines and regimens. It almost feels like the army! Don’t they know that most of us have trouble with regimens? It’s just often too confusing!

For those of you who think mornings are tough enough without adding the complexity of a “morning skincare regimen”, there’s good news. More products are being created as multi-taskers, combining two or more benefits in the same product. An all-time favorite is Azul’s Mineral Defense. It’s a tinted purse-sized brush containing 32 SPF powder – giving you sunscreen and makeup in one easy-to-use item. The size allows you to keep it with you for touch-ups throughout the day. And how about the Azul Satin Eclipse, that is a tinted sunscreen? Many of our patients use it as a light foundation and sunscreen to boot!

Another multitasker is Azul’s Intensive Renewal Serum 5GF with HA. After cleansing, this product goes on clean and absorbs deeply, saturating your skin with five different growth factors and hyaluronic acid. It’s like a “youthfulness cocktail” for your skin, providing regenerating AND moisturizing benefits.

If you’re keeping it simple, you’ll love our Botanical Cleanser with Green Tea. Not only does it gently cleanse your skin, it also has alpha and beta hydroxy acids along with natural citrus extracts to gently exfoliate. A touch of Green Tea Moisturizer and you’re set for the day.

Don’t let talk of skincare regimens and routines keep you from making a few smart choices to care for the health and beauty of your skin. There are many combination products to get you out the door with minimal fuss, while still taking proper care of skin and protecting against sun and environmental damage.

Complimentary Skin Consultations

Azul Medical Spa Estheticians offer complimentary consultations and are happy to get you started with the right products to fit your level of commitment and time. Give your skin the chance it needs to be healthy, glowing, resilient and looking as wonderful as possible. We look forward to seeing you for your complimentary consult. Call 239-415-7576 or visit for more information.

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