The Fab Four C E T P August 2019

I always forget about exfoliation. I don’t know why, especially when I find it to be the most effective solution when I’m running into skin problems. Whether you have younger or more mature skin, you can still have the trifecta: oily, acne prone skin that is also sensitive. And regardless of age, most women want to keep it simple. Simplicity cuts down on time spent getting ready in the morning and limits the risk of triggering an acne cycle. It’s a delicate balance.
At Azul, we recommend four morning steps C, E, T, P or Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat and Protect. It may not require four products as some Azul product do double-duty – like Satin Eclipse, a sunscreen with vitamins C and E.
C – Cleanse
Start by finding one you love, as Azul’s founder states, “It’s only on your skin a short time, be sure to use a good cleanser that you like – don’t waste money on expensive ingredients that won’t be there long enough to be effective”. Lots of our patients love Azul’s Rejuva Gel Cleanser. Although it’s “just” a face wash, it’s a top 10 with patients. It contains glycolic acid which cleans deep down into pores removing any bad oils, combating any active acne and preventing new acne. You’ll swear you can feel it working!
E – Exfoliate
After a good rinse and a gentle pat, or air dry, you are ready for Azul’s Exfoliating Lotion with either 5% or 10% Glycolic Acid. This lotion uses a gentle fruit acid to help turn-over those old cells, bringing brighter, plumper new cells to the surface. If you’re not used to an every day exfoliant, you may start out with 5% and work your way up to 10% as your skin becomes used the higher level of turn-over.
T – Treat
Treatment regimens vary tremendously. More mature skin often needs a moisturizer perhaps with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or growth factors or peptides. For oily or acne-prone skin types, Azul’s Dermal C 20% Serum does a great job brightening skin and accelerating the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. The serum absorbs quickly letting you move on to the final ste.
P – Protect
Many makeups have an SPF in them, and many sunscreens have a makeup-like tint. Azul’s most popular sunscreen is the tinted Satin Eclipse. It does the job of a sunscreen, but has the dry satin feeling of a make-up.
So those are the Fab Four elements of good skin care: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat and Protect. If you’re feeling even a touch more ambitious we recommend our Vitamin A product before bed. While you’re sleeping Vita A Serum with Peptides fights free radicals that can damage skin over time. Plus you can always add a manual exfoliant, like a sonic brush or super-fine pumice. And, don’t forget to treat yourself to a HydraFacial for deep cleaning.  With a simple routine, even difficult skin can become calm, healthy, and glowing.

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