Vitamin C – The Best Vitamin for your Skin

Vitamin C

Most of us know the importance of incorporating vitamins into our daily diet – “You are what you eat,” right? But topical application of various vitamins is also an essential component of an effective skincare regimen. One of the most important is vitamin C. Vitamin C is truly a hero for our skin – creating a brighter complexion and evening out skin tone in addition to diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C, considered an anti-aging superstar, has more research into its benefits than almost any other topical. This powerhouse antioxidant should be part of your skin care routine, regardless of your skin type or anti-aging concern.

Benefits of Vitamin C in Your Skin Care Routine

When added to your daily routine, vitamin C provides a number of benefits, including improved skin tone and hydration, protection from sun damage and environmental pollutants, and keeping your skin looking younger, longer!

High Concentration of Vitamin C

The Azul SkinHealth brand is a medical grade product line and includes two amazing vitamin C products. Medical grade refers to a variety of quality standards, but it also means that we load up on the “good stuff” so you can be assured of achieving your best and fastest results.

We are particularly proud of our two high concentration vitamin C products. Both provide targeted solutions for stubborn skin care concerns. Our Dermal C 20% is a super-popular serum people have loved for years. And now we are thrilled to introduce our new Vitamin C 20% Cream. The cream features a silicone-based formula and provides more moisture for those needing the richness of a cream instead of a serum. Both contain the highest concentrations of vitamin C on the market. This month, we are offering our new Vitamin C 20% Cream at a bargain price of only $45! So take advantage of this while you can.

Lower Concentrations of Vitamin C

Sometimes higher concentration formulations can be difficult for folks with sensitive skin at first, but you can build your tolerance to using full strength in no time. While we love our high concentration vitamin C products, a lower concentration is available in our Vita C Emulsion with A & E – perfect for sensitive skin types. You can always start with the lower concentration if you think you might be sensitive and move to the higher concentration later, either way you will be nourishing and improving your skin’s appearance and health, as research has shown that even less than 1% vitamin C provides skin benefits.

C Please

Trilogy Labs, the manufacturer of the Azul products is in the process of developing a few more vitamin C products with lower concentrations – so look forward to more vitamin C options in the future. Keep in mind that all antioxidants, including pure vitamin C remain vulnerable to oxidation and will break down, turning a dark color over time if routinely exposed to air and light. Ideally, creams and serums should be clear or yellow-to-orange, but not dark brown. And, if you want to get the best possible results from your antioxidant-enriched skin care products, buy only those that are packaged in opaque, air-restrictive bottles, or pumps so the ingredients remain stable after you start using the product! That’s why Azul will never offer Vitamin C products in jars – we want your skin to get the vitamin C, not allow it to oxidize away.

Be sure to try our new Vitamin C 20% Cream this month for $15 off! Your skin (and your wallet) will thank you!

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