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Everyone has insecurities. It is human nature to ponder what we can do to better ourselves inside and out. Hair loss is one of the most common insecurities for both men and women. It is normal to grow concerned when thinning is noticed, even though it can be a natural result of hormonal changes and aging, or simply hereditary.

Although thinning can be concerning, there are many natural products that can assist with hair regrowth in addition to boosting vital elements of the human body like vitamins, amino acids, and proteins. Hair serums work on the outside to stimulate hair growth and provide volume, while collagen-rich gummies work from the inside to create strong hair. Combining the two is a powerhouse duo!

Many people are drawn to the various oils and serums on the market, but jumping to the first one you find may not be the best. Even those that might seem to work, are actually just a quick fix. They often contain lauric acid, which is a fatty acid that coats the hair. Products that contain lauric acid do penetrate your hair follicles reasonably well; however, they coat your hair with a residue that leaves it feeling oily and dirty.

Azul Skin Health has created a technologically advanced serum that avoids residue while providing great volume. Three key ingredients work together to stimulate your hair follicles and assist tremendously in regrowth:

Capixyl™ – a combination of Peptide and Red Clover that targets the main cause of hair loss with improvements to the hair follicle in just eight days of treatment.
Redensyl® – combines Larch and Green Tea extracts with Amino Acid and Zinc, producing a 214% increase in the hair growth rate after 10 days of treatment. Dense, strong hairs lead to fullness and strength, naturally!
BIO-Placenta Hair – A blend of ingredients including growth factors and Eucalyptus improves the condition of the scalp. Follicles expand, new blood vessels are formed, and hair cells proliferate, supporting hair regrowth and retention. A healthy scalp leads to lush, strong hair!

Naturally, our body contains and produces its own collagen, but collagen production can slow as we age. Collagen supplements are rich in natural vitamins that cause your body to thrive and produce key vitamins for hair growth. Azul Health’s Collagen Gummies are not only outstanding for hair revival, but also benefit our skin, nails, and more

Azul Skin Health strives to provide the most enriching products possible, and that includes our vegan collagen gummies with key ingredients such as lysine, proline, and hydroxyproline. The amino acids are absorbed directly into your bloodstream so your body can break them down and absorb them to create your own natural collagen.

Azul Skin Health recommends the daily use of the rejuvenating hair serum and Collagen Gummies to keep your hair growing and healthy. To learn more, visit the Azul Skin Health website or stop by one of the Azul office locations to see our wide selection of products. To schedule an appointment, call 239-415-7576.

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