Reap the Benefits of Vitamin C!

When you hear about vitamin C, what usually comes to mind? Is it a ripe juicy orange or a nice refreshing glass of OJ? It might even be your go-to when you’re feeling a little under the weather. It’s likely you wouldn’t consider vitamin C being something that should be incorporated into your skin care regimen. But, guess what? It is! Vitamin C is touted as one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market, and with good reason.

When added to your daily skin care routine, vitamin C, being the powerhouse antioxidant that it is, provides a number of benefits to your skin. Whether it’s improving skin tone, reducing inflammation and hyperpigmentation, protecting the skin from sun damage and other environmental pollutants, or boosting collagen production and brightening the skin, vitamin C does it all.

Azul Skin Health understands the importance of incorporating vitamin C into your skin care regimen, which is why we’ve formulated products that tout this powerful ingredient to deliver amazing results. We love them, and our patients do, too!

Dermal C 20% Serum

Our Dermal C 20% Serum is an intensive, professional-strength Vitamin C treatment. This unique serum contains amino acids and grape seed extract. This incredible product is the perfect complement to any skin care regimen!

Vitamin C 20% Cream

This cream features a silicone-based formula that provides moisture for those who are needing the quenching properties of a cream rather than the simplicity of a serum. This vitamin C treatment cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It lightens, brightens and provides strong antioxidant properties resulting in smoother, firmer, plumper skin.

Both the Dermal C 20% Serum and the Vita C 20% Cream contain some of the highest concentrations of vitamin C on the market!

Vita C Emulsion with A&E

Our Vita C Emulsion with A&E is the perfect moisturizer for those with sensitive skin! This lightweight hydrating product contains vitamins C, E, and A along with hyaluronic acid and sunflower oil to combat dehydration. This moisturizer is ideal for those who are unable to tolerate higher percentages of vitamin C but still want to reap its antioxidant benefits. It will leave you with luxuriously moisturized skin!

Growth Factor Renewal Cream

The new and improved Growth Factor Renewal cream is Azul’s most powerful anti-aging moisturizer! Designed specifically for aging, dry and sun-damaged skin, our Growth Factor Renewal Cream contains growth factors and powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin C, to supplement your skin’s health, protect it from free radicals, accelerate cell turnover and gently retexturize. It’s a potent skin-quenching and anti-aging treatment in one, suitable for all skin types. The combination of all of these active ingredients is what makes our Growth Factor Renewal Cream one of the highest quality medical-grade skincare creams available today

Vitamin C’s anti-aging, damage repairing and UV-protecting powers make it the Holy Grail of skin care ingredients! If you’re wanting younger, healthier more vibrant looking skin, then you’ll want to incorporate this game-changing ingredient into your daily regimen. The best way to start is with some of the amazing products at Azul! Stop by one of our three office locations or visit us online to purchase yours today.

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